Our Services | What e Can Do For You

  • Digital advice and support
  • Promotional and corporate campaigns
  • Brand content
  • Creation of online services
  • Promotion of existing content

We are now Sudacé Creative Agency

For over 5 years, Sunbird Interactive has been making its digital know-how available to renowned brands in the media, luxury goods, beauty, News, entertainment, industry and institutional sectors. A team of digital specialists provide support to brands with advice on the creation and implementation of communication operations on a national and international scale.


Graphic design watch and carrying out benchmarking. Analysis of your targets and setting goals for your project.


ID Branding

Designing graphic guidelines with possible variation on multi-support, and optimized for web and print.


Ergonomic approach

Definition of the target and optimization of the user experience. Maximize the number of page views and improve ROI. Possibility to display a context related user’s activity.


Web Design

Shaping a creative identity, rich and versatile. Enhance your corporate image.



Development for a simple or complex content management platform, and multi-user. Creation of community modules and dedicated services.


E-Commerce Magento

Production of dedicated modules and integration of custom layouts.Result’s optimization (cache management), and unlimited customization of the catalog.


Social Media

Manage the community through the various networks (Facebook, twitter, google + …). Create communication levers to federate groups of users.


Web App

Graphic and ergonomic adaptation of your website to mobile formats, iPhone, iPad, Android. Html5 development.


Web development

We use the latest technology and ergonomics (HTML5, CSS3). We are experts in WordPress, E-commerce Magento, Zend Framework.



Integration of templates compliant with W3C standards, taking into account constraints of accessibility. Made cross-browser and compatible with older browser versions.


Email Marketing

Create email marketing campaigns through a dedicated CRM and analyze ROI in real time.



Optimize the structure for natural and collaboration with providers of technical and semantic optimizations.



Creation of fan pages. Interaction with any transverse environment (Twitter, Youtube, Dailymotion, Google + …)


Banner advertising

Creation of  graphics or animation on all medias (web, iPhone, iPad, Android ..) into html5 / flash format.


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